Tara Azure

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 Description Like Bangla alphabet letters, the art recalls the historical February 1952 martyrs who saved Bangladesh’s mother language. Be bold and like a work of art in these earrings.
Dimensions 1.8 Inch x 2.0 Inch
Styling The simplicity of the shape adds modernness and style to any jeans and T-shirt look for the day-time and to any cocktail dress look for the night-time.
Material 18 Carat Gold plated on Metal
Artisans Tazia, Bablu and his team.
Fabric Source Bangladesh
 Description Bangladesh’s iconic Tara Masjid, or Star Mosque, is a jewel of Dhaka, patterned inside with wall-to-wall glazed tiles. These earrings resemble the azure of the star-shaped fountain upon entry to the mosque, where silver reflections glimmer on the water.
Dimensions 2.9 Inch x 2.2 Inch
Styling This enchanting dash of blue brightens up your day-time jeans and T-shirt looks and adds a striking pop of color to your night-time cocktail dress looks.
Material Felt, beads, tassel and Silver plated hooks
Artisans Bablu, Soma and her team.
Fabric Source Bangladesh